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Meditation: Find Peace Within

Explore: Our Internal World

"If you do not go within, you go without."

Meditation blends scientifically studied and proven physical benefits with immeasureable mental abilities, and countless emotional capacities, in addition to the ultimate spiritual connection that many of us seem to strive for in one way or another; a relationship with our Divine, or our God of choice, as well as a cultivation of our relationship with ourself. Why do we seek stillness, anyways? In the consumer-driven, fast-paced, multi-tasking, and technologically-advanced world that we currently live in, it is what helps to bring us back to our natural state of balance. If you add a natural setting into the mix, such as the tranquil sound of ocean waves crashing upon the seashore at the beach or a trickling stream running over river rocks in the forrest, then there is a genuine opportunity for an authentically blissful experience! However, if convenience, location, weather or any other issues do not allow for it, then you can simply create or dedicate a sacred spot, whether indoors or outdoors, at your own home. The real key to a successful meditation does not lie solely on the environment, though! A major step for success is the regularity of the practice in order to create a routine. My advice? Start small and work your way into bigger time frames. One minute, then - two minutes, maybe five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes, or even an hour... whatever feels right for you! Personally, I have found that ten minutes daily is better, for me, than twenty or thirty minutes irregularly, only weekly or bi-weekly. Additionally, timing plays an important role! Traditionally, sunrise and sunset, or upon waking and before sleeping, tend to be considered the best times for meditating, as this is a transitional period of time that assists us with this endeavor. Also, a mantra can help to keep you focused, at first! Initially, focusing on your breath and saying something as simple to yourself as, "inhale and exhale" can assist you in delving deeper into the your very own, entirely unique, internal world.

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