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Yoga Destinations for Asana Practice

Asana = Physical Yoga "Posture" or "Pose"

How does our external environment effect our internal world, particularly when we are engaging in our physical yoga asana practice? Just think about it. Imagine your dream destination yoga retreat. Is it in the mountains? Or on the seacoast? Perhaps, within the forest, next to a river, or in the middle of a lake on top of a paddleboard? Or, maybe somewhere inside, instead of outside, like a studio or temple or a monastery? Personally, they all sound quite lovely, to me. Variety is the spice of life, right? I do have a nomadic travel bug living inside of me that is all for adding items onto the bucket list. Luckily for me, though, I live in the heart of New Hampshire's White Mountains, right next to the Saco River with cross country skiing and hiking trails in my back woods, nearby Mount Washington, the tallest peak in New England. This is my personal playground, in addition to being just over an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean shore or from some nearby bustling cities, just outside of this tourist town that have plenty of studios to choose from. So, I will put my very own newfound home on the bucket list, for those of you who have yet to explore this scenic area, in hopes that maybe someday, we will meet and enjoy a yoga asana practice together and I can give you a taste of the North Conway area. Namaste.

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