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Zen Union is Born

Zenergie Yoga & Ayurveda has officially launched "Zen Union"!

Why Zen Union?

Yoga translates from the Sanskrit language that it originates from into our English language as "union", births and weddings are two of the most significant unions of our lives, and reunions with friends and family are some of the most precious memories that we can make. If you delve a little bit deeper into the name and the logo itself, you can easily begin to see the symbolism behind it. The fingerprints, representing individuality, overlapping and creating family, partnership, and community... a teardrop in the center and a heart shape encasing them to represent the emotions that we experience during these significant changes in our lives. Un alone means not, uni means one, ion means atom, and on, well - that one is basically self-explanatory. There are so many ways that you can have this create meaning for you! For me, professionally, it means that I am taking my business to a very personal place - one that will support my clientele in the most beautiful, and the most stressful, times of their lives.

What... When... Where is Zen Union?

Zen Union covers baby showers, bridal coaching, bridal showers, bridal yoga, and yoga retreats. We have partnered up with some of the "best in the biz" to offer you yoga services to keep you stress free for some of the most transformational moments of your life, from birth to marriage to reunions... to bring you back into your heart center, where you can experience these precious times from a pure space of unconditional love. There is so much planning and preparation that goes into all of these events that sometimes, people can get into the habit of forward thinking into the future, or after the event has already occurred, constantly reminiscing about the past. So, we bring you back into the present moment the day of the big events, and we offer you the opportunity to return to the place that hosted some of your fondest memories by offering yoga retreats at some of the most beautiful wedding venues in New Hampshire and Maine, from the mountains and valleys to the beaches and oceans. We travel from the White Mountain National Forest to the seacoast and everywhere in between!

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